Toki boasts strengths and originality that
other companies don’t have.

Lighting is not the star attraction in a space,
but it is essential for ideal working and living environments.

Maximizing Freedom

All Toki employees create their own dreams
and continually tackle the challenges
to make those dreams come true.
In that process, amazing products and services
add value to society.

This is our mission.

  • beyond

    We not only fulfill our customers’ ideals, we exceed their imaginations. Toki prides itself on deploying original ideas to blaze trails into new fields of endeavor.

  • Thinking

    We pursue accomplishments that exist nowhere else, expanding realms of possibilities as nobody else can. By looking critically at ourselves, we open new roads to a better future.

  • Toki

    There is no set approach to pursuing development. The Toki style of development is to empower each employee to develop amazing products in their own way.

  • dreams
    come true

    We want to realize dreams that nobody else can. The uncompromising quality of our products and services are the result of our passion for making dreams come true.

about toki


We conduct recruitment selections throughout the year,
regardless of whether a new graduate, an existing graduate, or a mid-career hire.
In addition, in order to deepen your understanding of our company during the selection process,
we offer company tours and interviews to allow you to meet many of our members.

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