Corporate DNA

Toki Corporation originated
as an importer of new materials and new technologies.
Today, with the lighting brand, TOKISTAR as our mainstay,
we are also committed to tackling challenges on multiple fronts,
including the BioMetal artificial-muscle actuator
and the newly launched nora product brand.

The Toki DNA,
our founding spirit for maximizing freedom,
courses throughout our corporation,
constantly generating imaginative,
leading-edge products and services.

At Toki Corporation,
we give our people maximum freedom to tackle ambitious challenges
and to strive towards accomplishing cherished dreams.
This freedom imbues a sense of responsibility and mission,
inspiring our people to take bold action spontaneously and independently,
no matter how formidable the obstacles.

This is the true meaning of maximizing freedom.



Maximize freedom to empower individual action.

We stand at the cusp of a changing era, breaking down the walls of the status quo. With our approach being the standard, many see what we’ve done and try imitating us. Our aim is always to be the singular presence that overturns accepted practice.

Our belief in maximizing freedom is the power that inspires employees to leverage their unique talents to achieve greatness.

When individuals dare to dream and rise above the challenges of making those dreams come true, that is when we create real value for society.

This is our purpose and reason for being.


Our Dreams Constantly Evolve,and we Constantly Experiment.

Product excellence and premium service spring from
experiments in giving tangible shape to dreams. Of
course, by their very nature, most experiments are
bound to fail. The purpose of this slogan is to remind
Toki personnel not to be discouraged but to keep
making progress, pushing forward to the next step.

Be the Imitated,not the Imitator.

People are creative by nature. This slogan reminds us
to continue the pursuit of new goals, and to leverage
our natural creativity to greatest possible
effect, guided by the principle of maximizing freedom.


CEO 時枝 直綱

Delivering Value with an Edge,Guided by Our Corporate DNA

Toki Corporation was founded in 1971 as an importer of leading-edge materials and technologies. In 1981, with our development of the Tapelight lighting fixture, the Company made its debut in manufacturing lighting fixtures. Today we market these products worldwide under the TOKISTAR brand. While researching and developing products and services using materials and technologies ahead of their time, Toki Corporation also remains focused on cherishing the heritage of lighting culture. For example, the Company values the inimitable warmth of the light emitted by incandescent light bulbs.

The strength that enabled Toki Corporation to deliver premium value to customers for over half a century is derived from the daily commitment to excellence. Supporting that commitment is the DNA of Toki: maximizing freedom. All employees are encouraged to apply their unique talents to the fullest in the free pursuit of their own aspirations. We believe this process of self-actualization builds Toki’s arsenal of technologies and generates products and services with an original edge. In this time of dizzying changes, we are up to the task of new challenges, and not resting for a moment. In 2022 we launched our latest brand, nora. nora overturns convention and orthodoxy by valuing a free and flexible approach, aiming to add new color to people’s everyday lives.

Inspired by the principle of maximizing freedom, we are committed to generating value that exceeds customers’ expectations, by leveraging the cutting-edge products and services that spring from the dreams of our employees. In this endeavor, I ask you to continue your warm support of Toki Corporation.

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