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O'LINKS Current = 700mA|Main Materials = Aluminum, Stainless steel & PC|Power Cable PVC = Insulation(AWG18 x 2)

※ For details of other products, please refer to the catalog.


As a linear spot, it can be used in combination with GRADIENT OUTDOOR to great effect

It shares the same optical characteristics & platform as GRADIENT OUTDOOR. Use GRADIENT OUTDOOR for surface effects. O’LINKS are ideal for accent lighting on exterior fins and louvers.

※ Electrical characteristics are different from GRADIENT OUTDOOR.
  Please contact us if you would like to use them together.


Enhanced louvers for each construction condition and application

Custom-made louvers eliminate glare from front and side-viewing perspectives. These louvers are among the highly versatile improvements we have made to our O


Response to the heavy salt resistance requirement

We’ve improved the durability of metal surfaces by adding a treatment equivalent to the heavy salt resistance category, making our products compliant with the required standards.

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